John Perkins

John Perkins will teach during the Wisdom and Wellbeing Weeks 2024 in Week 4, February 3-10, 2024 at Blue Spirit about the following topic:

The Power of Inner Peace and Love; Creating a Fuller Life and an Ecological Civilization

John leads us through step-by-step processes that focus our minds, emotions, and bodies on gaining more inner peace and love and enhancing social, environmental, and personal relationships. Drawing on his NY Times bestselling books, consulting, coaching, and years training with Indigenous shamans, he teaches practices that transform blockages and empower actions that attain our deepest goals while creating sustainable futures.


In the different sessions you will:

• Define your “dream/mission” – that which will bring you the greatest satisfaction and true prosperity and at the same time contribute to creating a sustainable future, an Ecological Civilization
• Create a process that will actualize your dream/mission
• Open to the depths of inner peace and love – for yourself, others, and the planet
• Experience the ecstatic power of enhancing physical and emotional connections
• Identify and remove blockages that have held you back in the past or might hold you back in the future
• Discover the ways new perceptions create new realities
• Explore stories behind cultures that see themselves as a part of – rather than apart from – nature
• Utilize the power of perception to help reverse climate change
• Apply practices proven by business and thought leaders for changing mind-sets about what it means to be successful
• Experience the healing powers of laughter and touch
• Learn Indigenous rituals, shapeshifting, healing, and shamanic journeying techniques that empower love, personal peace, and true prosperity
• Understand the ways age-old prophecies guide us away from the current degenerative economic system to a regenerative one and into an Ecological Civilization
• Participate in a sacred Mayan fire ceremony

John’s Experience
John Perkins first experienced an Ecological Civilization when he lived in Shuar Territory deep in the Amazon rainforest as a Peace Corps volunteer, 1968-70. “In those days,” he says, “the Shuar practiced what we now refer to as a Life Economy and created a sustainable Ecological Civilization.”
After that, John became chief economist at a major consulting firm and saw first-hand how the industrialized world was creating a Death Economy that was consuming and polluting itself into extinction. “It took me a few years, but I came to understand that we have to transform this Death Economy into a Life Economy.”
Because we live at a time of highly efficient connectivity, we are blessed with the means to promote actions that bring us together, define prosperity as benefiting all life, and understand that we are a part of—not apart from—nature. This is a time for you to live the life you most want and to know that, like people before us, we can overcome obstacles and channel our fears into opportunities that result in positive actions. You can achieve what you most want to do while helping end climate change, environmental destruction, and the other crises facing us, despite the self-defeating proclamations that “this is just the way it is.” It is a time to move into an Ecological Civilization.



John Perkins focuses on transformation – personal, communal, and global. He was Chief Economist at a major international consulting firm where he advised the World Bank, United Nations, Fortune 500 corporations, and the US and other governments. A leading authority on shamanism, he learned about the power of using perceived reality to change objective reality from Amazon shamans who saved his life in 1968 – and then with other shamans on five continents. He has used transformative practices to help individuals, corporations, universities, and governments. His Stress-Free Habit and other ten books are published in 38 languages. His ground-breaking Confessions of an Economic Hit Man spent 72 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list, has sold more than 2 million copies, and been used by institutions and universities to promote a global Ecological Civilization. His latest, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, 3rd Edition: China’s EHM Strategy; How to Stop the Global Takeover (Feb 2023) discusses the ways people in the US and China – which together create nearly half the world’s economy and pollution – can work to transform a failing, degenerative Death Economy into a regenerative Life Economy. He has lectured at more than 50 universities; been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN, Time, The New York Times, Elle, Der Spiegel, and many others. He is a founder of the nonprofits Dream Change and The Pachamama Alliance and was awarded the Lennon/Ono Peace Prize. Learn more at