Omega Faculty 2021

Esther Perel – WEEK ONE
Couples therapist and relationship author- Esther is recognized as one of today’s most insightful and provocative voices on personal and professional relationships.

Jack Saul, PhD – WEEK ONE
Author of ‘Collective Trauma, Collective Healing: Promoting Community Resilience in the Aftermath of Disaster’, is director of the International Trauma Studies Program.

Elissa Epel, PhD – WEEK ONE
Professor in the department of psychiatry, at University of California, San Francisco.

Richard Leider – WEEK ONE
Founder of Inventure—The Purpose Company—and curator of the acclaimed Life Reimagined Institute for Innovation.

Annette Knopp– WEEK ONE, THREE & FIVE
A seasoned guide in the realm of consciousness, counselor and meditation teacher.

Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD– WEEK ONE, THREE & FIVE
Author of ‘Timeshifting’, is cofounder of the Omega Institute and creator and director and visionary of Blue Spirit.

Rob Wergin– WEEK TWO

Amina Naru – WEEK TWO

Pamela Stokes Eggleston– WEEK TWO

John Perkins– WEEK THREE

Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD– WEEK FOUR
Author of ‘Standing at the Edge Finding Freedom Where Fear & Courage Meet’

Christiana Figueres– WEEK THREE & FOUR

Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD– WEEK FOUR

Douglas Carlton Abrams– WEEK FOUR

Maia Danziger, CPCC– WEEK FOUR

Leslie Salmon Jones– WEEK FOUR & FIVE

Jeff W. Jones– WEEK FOUR & FIVE

Deva Premal and Miten– WEEK FOUR

Gabor Maté, MD– WEEK FIVE

Lynne Twist– WEEK FIVE

Sara Vetter– WEEK FIVE

Jeff Rediger, MD– WEEK FIVE

Suzy Becker– WEEK SIX

Loch Kelly, MDiv, LCSW– WEEK SEVEN

Steven Pague– All WEEKS
Founding staff member of the Omega Institute who has been cofacilitating Omega’s winter programs for more than 30 years.

Page Sieffert– WEEK ONE & THREE
Page is founder of Pilates Nosara training center in Costa Rica

Julian Devoe– ALL WEEKS except 4 & 5
Julian offers interdisciplinary yoga, accessible, informative and joyful.