October 22 - 29, 2022

Arun Sardana, Maryn Azoff, Cesar Cervantes, Linda Cooper, Patrick Surdam, Monica Ventura

Unleash Your Inner Child

This is your invitation to fully step into play mode. Your inner child has been patiently awaiting for this opportunity to be fully unleashed.

Imagine a week that restores your sense of awe and child-like wonder and renews your curiosity and hunger for all that life has to offer. It’s your time to experience wellbeing at play™ through curated exercises that are grounded in both evidence-based science and holistic ancient wisdom.

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Teacher's Bio

Arun Sardana

Transformational facilitator, Storyteller, Creative Visionary and Founder/CEO of karuna & the Karuna Happiness Foundation. Arun’s journey of transformation began in India while growing up in a complex environment of not only a loving family and profound religiosity but also personal sexual abuse and domestic violence. While his story may be different, the narrative is the same as that of many others. The stress and trauma of the early years continued to shape his adulthood including the constant pursuit of answers to existential questions – Why am I here? How can I find peace? How can science solve the puzzle of mental wellbeing? This journey ultimately culminated in the founding of karuna – the desire to remove suffering through unbound compassion. Arun obtained his undergraduate education in hospitality management and also in business administration in India. He came to the U.S. in 1988 and completed his MBA from The Johns Hopkins University, in 2000. In 2019, in order to inform his work with orphans and abused children in Costa Rica, he completed a Masters in Clinical Psychology and Education with a focus on Spirituality, Mind & Body, from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York. Over the past 25 years, Arun has built a successful entrepreneurial practice in financial services. It is through that success that karuna has become a reality.

Cesar Cervantes

Starting at the age of 19, Cesar was a stand-up comedian and actor featured on Comedy Central and in Hollywood films. But after more than a decade of laughs, he realized he wanted to connect on a deeper level with his audience. He found that nothing gave him greater joy than helping others learn about human connection. Now, as a speaker and public speaking coach, he helps people connect with themselves first, then their audience. You can watch all three of his TEDx talks featured on the TED platform.

Linda Cooper

With a background in counseling and contemplative studies, she educates, motivates and supports you in making the necessary changes to live your most inspired life.
Linda is a powerhouse of expertise in transformational learning modalities. She is a life transitions coach, a faculty member at the Therapeutic Writing Institute, a Certified Transitions Writing Specialist, a Journal to the Self instructor, a Certified Journal Facilitator, a certified yoga teacher and a certified Psychological First Aider with the Red Cross. If that wasn’t enough, Linda is also a regular contributor to A Beautiful Life magazine.

Patrick Surdam (Tribe of Love, Cura Cura)

Patrick is a singer, Vocal Transformation Coach, guitarist, songwriter and Charanguista. He has been writing music and performing in bands for over 20 years. In addition to his background in music, he has also been on a spiritual path rooted primarily in Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice and Mestizo Peruvian Shamanism. Bringing these influences together, he offers unique perspective and insight to the work of Vocal Transformation. Fusing his knowledge of the voice with the chakra system and his personal spiritual practice, he now works with private clients and co-facilitates various workshops around the world.

Monica Ventura, M.A., PSY

Monica is a Licensed Psychologist and Art Therapist from Costa Rica. In her private practice, Monica currently works with children, adolescents and adults (www.menteacolor.com) in individual and group settings. She got her Masters Degree in Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling at the George Washington University and has another Masters degree in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy. In addition she completed her training in EMDR and is an EMDR Certified Sandtray Specialist. Monica has presented in the American Art Therapy Association (2018, 2020), in the Expressive Therapies Summit, (2021,2022) and regularly offers Art Therapy and Sandtray courses for mental health professionals.

Maryn Azoff (Tribe of Love, Cura Cura)

Mary is a long time singer, musician, Spirit lifter, Soul emancipator and fear crusher. She has been on a mission of connecting people all over the world to the power of the human voice for many years and does so through a unique program and healing modality she created called ‘Vocal Transformation’. The goal of her work is to reawaken the innate intelligence of the body-mind-spirit connection through the faculty of the human voice. Her approach to healing is vibrational. A true student of earth and spirit, Maryn has dedicated many years of her life to studying ancient wisdom by participating in a wide variety of healing circles from many different cultures, ranging from Vedic and Tibetan wisdom traditions to South American shamanism. In addition to working directly with private students, she also facilitates ‘Vocal Transformation’ workshops globally, as a mission to help in the awakening of humanity. The driving force behind her work is the aspiration that we can remember who we are and the power that we all have to bring about a true shift in consciousness where we all live empowered, as one on Earth.

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