August 1 - 8, 2020

Blue Spirit Longevity & Wellbeing Week – August

Revitalize, Repair and Return to a healthier version of yourself

Blue Spirit’s new 7-day program offers a deep immersion into regenerative practices that repair your body and brain through optimal nutrition, detoxification, yoga, exercise, breathwork, meditation and state-of -the-art treatments that enhance mitochondrial energy and oxygenation.

In our over-industrialized world our body and brain suffer the daily impact and challenges of stress, environmental toxicity, over-sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition. The Blue Spirit Longevity & Wellbeing Week creates revitalization and boosts your body’s self-healing mechanisms through a multi-faceted approach to self-care:

The week-long program includes:
– Detox- Cleanse Dietary program
– Yoga classes
– Mindfulness & Meditation classes
– Breathwork Sessions
– Movement or Pilates classes
– Daily Check-ins

Plus – Special Lectures & Learning experiences:
– Longevity & Wellbeing, Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD
– Chronic Disease & Aging, Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD
– Living from Heart-Mind, Annette Knopp
– Inner Purpose, Julian DeVoe
– Road to Conscious Nourishment, Sofia do Pico Sforza
– Healthy Food Preparation, Sofia do Pico Sforza
– Longevity treatments discussion, Adriana Galeano, MD

Plus Optional Sessions:
10% discount for program attendees
– Nosara Longevity Center Treatments (i.e. IV infusions, ozone treatment, heavy metal testing, cell gym sessions)
– Bodywork, Massage and therapeutic services at Blue Spirit, for more info click here

Retreat Package Rate Per Person:
Special introductory rate -only this season!- includes program, room & board and depends on your choice of accommodation.

Platform Tent
Single occupancy $1,220
Double occupancy $1,195 per person (upon request only)

Eco Cottage
Single occupancy $1,490
Double occupancy $1,245 per person

Hermitage with AC
Single occupancy $1,690
Double occupancy $1,470 per person

Nature Suite with AC
Single occupancy $2,090
Double occupancy $1,590 per person

Mountain View Room with AC
Single occupancy $2,190
Double occupancy $1,690 per person

Pacific Cottage with AC
Single occupancy $2,240
Double occupancy $1,690 per person

Ocean View Room with AC
Single occupancy $2,340
Double occupancy $1,790 per person

Superior Ocean View Room with AC
Single occupancy $2,640
Double occupancy $1,940 per person

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Teacher Bio

Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD
Founder of Blue Spirit, physician and author Stephan teaches integrative approaches to longevity, time, stress reduction and well-being. Learn to attain and maintain greater vitality and a longer life, and discover ways to lead a more balanced life while coming deeper into the present moment.

Annette Knopp
As a meditation teacher, counselor and shamanic practitioner, Annette supports and mentors clients in their unique journeys of awakening and transformation. In her teachings she draws from a rich background in Indo-Tibetan meditation, the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, modern Western psycho-spiritual integration, interpersonal neurobiology and somatic approaches to repair trauma.

Julian DeVoe
Julian is a wellness educator, bodyworker, detox specialist and progressive movement teacher. He joyfully works as an advocate for wellbeing, thriving health and transformation.

Sofia do Pico Sforza
Our longtime Chef, Co-Author of the popular Blue Spirit Cookbook, Health Coach and Detox specialist with Argentinian roots will share her secrets and experience about a healthy and balanced diet without missing the flavour & fun.

Adriana Galeano, MD
Dr. Adriana is our in-house- physician and leading the Longevity Center. Passionate about her patients and healing on all levels, she is supporting them on their way to a life of increased well-being.