July 10 - 17, 2021

Jessica Joseph & Patrick Barcenilla

Soul Therapy

Experience the beauty of saying yes. Opening your self to new experiences, people, activities, culture and food. Allow the sun to shine on you as your mind and body reset and release old patterns through yoga, meditation, laughter and massage therapy. Expand your ability to truly listen and see the people around you.

Teacher Bio

Jessica was a collegiate swimmer which started building mental toughness, understanding how to overcome physical pain, the connections between breath and life. Currently she is studying yoga to gain an understanding of the mind, body and soul connection. Her most recent accomplishment was the Broad Street 10 mile race in Philadelphia. Jessica’s definition of health is the state of mind that one feels they can function at their highest.

Her favorite quote is by Bob Marley, ‘None but ourselves can free our minds’. She believes we have the power to cultivate the things we desire if we show gratitude and love to ourselves, people around us and the earth we live. Fitness is an outlet to listen and learn ones body, she enjoys and welcomes processing that with individuals who are interested in going deeper.

Working with Jessica is a combination of the things you enjoy and need. We will work towards mindful movement with strong intentions

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