October 23 - 30, 2021

Jessica Smith and Ashton August

Beach, Pray, Love

Calling all women who are ready to align with their highest potential. This retreat will activate an abundance of self-love, unlock unwavering self-confidence, and help you uncover and move past any limitations that are holding you back.

Are you ready to invest in your most valuable asset – YOUrself?! Invest, indulge in, and TREAT YOURSELF to a soulful, powerful week of celebrating what makes YOU.

Kick off a NEW DECADE with us!! 2020 is your year, and it starts here with Beach Pray Love.

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Teacher Bio

Jessica Smith is an international dating coaching who has worked with hundreds of people from professional athletes, film producers, executives, divorced single parents to make powerful changes in their lives.

She’s the host of the Game of Love Podcast, full of love, mating and dating advice. It’s on all major platforms and is heard in over 33 countries.

Jessica Smith is a contributor and yoga instructor for YogiApproved.com. Check out her articles on love, dating, sex and relationships and well as her powerful yoga videos.

For the last 8 years she has lead annual international yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Nepal and Mexico to help women make powerful life-changing transformations.

As well as being a public speaker, Jessica also appears in the documentary, LEAP, a Coaching Movie

“My mission is to help everyone love themselves and have happy, healthy and fulfilling love lives.”

Ashton August is the founder of YogiApproved.com, a leading yoga and wellness magazine. She also founded YA Classes, the online yoga and fitness video platform.

A big believer (and practitioner) in the power of manifestation, Ashton says that, “Everything is energy and like attracts like. What you emit is what you attract. Your thoughts and words create your entire reality. Visualize that which you seek, and you’ll manifest it into existence.”

As a motivational speaker and author of the book Learn Grow Shift: 30 Days of Personal Growth, her passion for inspiring and empowering individuals spills into her yoga teaching. As a teacher, Ashton is best known for her warm and welcoming demeanor. Her classes are accessible, fun, creative, and uplifting.

Ashton’s teaching roots are in Hot Power Yoga, and she also teaches Yin, Vinyasa, and Buti Yoga. While she loves all forms of movement, her passion is in Buti Yoga because for her this unique practice is so freeing, empowering, and healing.

Ashton is serious about sharing her knowledge and passion for the practice and forming a sense of support and community is her main focus. She teaches classes in Denver, Colorado, online, and offers annual yoga retreats abroad.

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