June 13 - 20, 2020

Marianela Ortiz and Ramji Singh

The Alchemy of Sound


The Alchemy of Sound

Marianela Ortiz and Ramji Singh join for the first time in Costa Rica to offer you a powerful journey into The Alchemy and Empowerment though sound.

A training and immersion where you will be certified by the iES as a Sound Healer with Tibetan Bowls.
Blue Spirit Costa Rica is located in Nosara and has some of the most privileged views of the Pacific Ocean.

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Teacher Bio

Marianela has dedicated her entire life to the mastery of the healing arts, wellness studies, body-work modalities, holistic yoga / movement, and transformational musical performance. She began training at the age of six under her father’s mentorship, who studied at the prestigious Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California.

Marianela has spent 30+ years dedicating herself to raising the vibration of humanity through international trainings, spiritual exploration, professional consulting, and conscious creation of wellness programs and Immersive experiences offered at Festivals around the world and in her own healing and rejuvenating retreats.
Her connection to the Earth as a native Costa Rican, lifelong musical career, and soul-aligned studies have allowed her to share her gifts and impact thousands of lives globally.

Ramji Singh is the founder of the Institute of Sound Healing, based in Spain, Mexico and Germany.
He is a professional musician, sound therapist, and Kundalini Yoga teacher.
He has been studying sound since he was 13 years old. He began his studies through an extensive musical career graduating from the School of Artistic Initiation of NBA in Mexico City, Themes Valley University in London and the National School of Art in La Havana Cuba.
He then continued a specialization influenced by his research on different religions of India and Nepal.

Nowadays Ramji travels the world facilitating professional Sound Therapy Trainings and sharing his love for sound and wellbeing.

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