December 10 - 17, 2022

Michael and Ayi Wong Mayzel

Activating your Self healing power through Qi Gong and Sound

Activate your Self-healing power in the refuge of Divine Nature.

Join Shanti Sounds for a weeklong immersion engaged in individually themed Sound Journeys and the movements of Qi Gong and the stillness of meditation, while surrounded by the natural beauty of Costa Rica. These two powerful healing modalities are very complimentary and can enhance each others effectiveness.

Our Sound Journey Experience
Immerse yourself in an extraordinary week of individually themed Sound Journeys, harmonized towards specific intentions (Recharge – Expand – Transmute – Rebalance – Empower). Through the use of a wide variety of Alchemy Crystal bowls and the largest collection of gongs in Costa Rica, along with various overtone instruments and specific playing techniques, you will experience how sound can penetrate each of your energetic bodies and support you in your inner process.

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Our Qi Gong Journey
This week you will be guided through Qi Gong and Tai Chi practices that can facilitate an inner journey of discovery, healing and rejuvenation.
We are all born with different bodies and body types…with different levels of ability. These practices can balance and harmonize your inner energies to allow your body, to be as effective as it can possibly be.
Michael will share an in depth version of a beautiful series of Gong and teach a short set of Tai Chi… along with several Qi Gong breathing techniques….which can form the basis of an empowering home practice. These movements generate inner strength and presence which can allow you to create your own internal medicine. It is powerful elixir for health and dealing with stress we may feel from the outside world.

What is a Sound Journey?
Sound Journeys are inner journeys guided by numerous sounds. These sounds contain varying frequencies and vibrations that resonate with different parts of the body. Such tones can facilitate a state of total relaxation, in which healing and connection to a higher consciousness can take place.
Sound healing is the practice of using sound to ‘re-tune’ the body back to its wholeness. Using external vibrations, the body is returned to its optimum frequency. Sound is just an instrument on the path of returning to wholeness. Our Sound sessions use the resonant vibrations of gongs, crystal bowls, and other over-tone instruments to soothe and revitalize our bodies.

At Shanti Sounds we facilitate the space for healing to take place. We facilitate channels for you to reconnect with your own stillness within.
The sacred sounds of the instruments guide you as a participant, through your unique inner journey, and they guide us, the facilitators of the space, to play. It is a truly interactive relationship between the facilitator, participants, and the instruments, all equally important to make the journey a healing one.

When we are able to connect to our stillness within – in which the mind stops its judgments – we may enter our heart space, which is peaceful in its essence of wholeness. In this space, interconnectedness with all can be experienced. This is the space that allows healing to take place.
Throughout the week, we have a specifically designed sequence of themed Sound Journeys to move together collectively as a group through, as well as to support each of you individually through your own unique process. It is up to you to decide the level of intensity you wish to experience through the intentions you set. The themes will be: Recharge, Expand, Transmute, Rebalance, and Empower. We will adjust our playing techniques and instruments to accompany the theme.

You will also be guided through Qi Gong practices that will facilitate an inner journey of discovery and rejuvenation. Michael will share the Nine Phase Integral Qi Gong and teach a short series of Tai Chi practices, which can form the basis of an empowering home practice. These movements generate inner strength, allowing you to create your own internal medicine.

Two Sound and Silence meditations will be led by Ayi in the mornings before breakfast. These meditations are seated and can help you to center into your stillness upon awakening. In this meditation, only a few select instruments specifically for meditation will be used and played in a particular way. Your meditation will be guided by sound instead of verbal instructions for 15-minutes and then we will sit together in silence for the remaining time.

This retreat also includes plenty of time to relax in the healing power of nature and take advantage of holistic treatments offered on-site.
Prior to our last Sound Journey we will also receive cacao elixirs, which includes local and Chinese medicinal herbs. Depending on the season and theme of the Sound Journey, Ayi brews a special mixture to enhance the experience and support you in your process.

Part of this program will include a Sound Workshop:
How can sound Heal?
In this workshop, we will share how sound and the instruments can heal and support you. Over the years we have found it to be very helpful to include this workshop for participants to understand the power of the instruments and gain a clearer idea of what the best way is for them to work with the energies. We also share with you which instruments make which sounds, taking the mystery away so you can relax and focus deeper on your work.

Teacher Bio


Originally from Amsterdam, Ayi is now partially based in Costa Rica after being called to be of service on this special land. She is the co-founder of Shanti Sounds Costa Rica alongside her life partner Michael Wong Mayzel where together they share Sound Journeys, workshops, and trainings throughout Europe, Asia, Central America, and the US. Ayi is a gifted sound practitioner who uses her depth of experience to intuitively guide groups and individuals deep into their process.


Michael has been sensitized to the subtleties of sound for most of his life. As a percussionist, he received his first initiation into sound and continues to bring his life’s experiences to its joyous creation. Michael is a longtime practitioner of meditation and a Nationally Certified Instructor of the Institute of Integral Qi Gong and Tai Chi. He is known by his students as a clear, inspiring, and joyous teacher. Michael has also been involved in Asian practices for over 30 years and holds a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. His sensitivity to the power and subtlety of movement is based on a deep understanding of the holistic energetic body. This understanding also offers Michael a unique approach to the creation of sound that allows him to deeply connect to the vibrations of the instruments

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