May 27 - June 3, 2023

Neal Allen & Anne Lamott

Better Days: Tame Your Inner Critic

We’ll aim squarely at that snarky voice in your head that claims that you are unlovable, a fraud, not quite good enough, or an inch away from screwing up. You’ll meet your own inner critic, and learn techniques to silence it, at least sometimes.

Join Neal for a week of intensive (~twice a day, mostly afternoons off) inner critic sessions, as well as two writing sessions with Annie, a Q&A with Neal and Annie, and daily yoga, 12-step meetings, and meditation for those who want them.

Teacher Bio

Neal Allen is a writer and spiritual coach. His focus is on removing the obstacles of the ego, with the faith that whatever shines through the opening is your own personal freedom. A former journalist and corporate executive, he holds a Master’s degree in Eastern Classics. His book Shapes of Truth was released in 2021. Better Days: Tame Your Inner Critic is due out later this year from Namaste Publishing. Anne Lamott is the renowned feminist, Christian, lefty author and speaker whose 19 best-sellers include novels, books on faith, hope, and recovery (most recently Dusk Night Dawn), the classic on writing Bird by Bird, and Operating Instructions on childrearing. Married, Annie and Neal live in Fairfax, California.

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