December 2 - 9, 2023

Rod Stryker

Tantra Yoga Alchemy

Experience an exceptional week of yoga and meditation. This time is dedicated to guiding you deep into the heart of self-enrichment and renewal, clarity and freedom, healing and empowerment.

Rod Stryker will guide this journey into the compassionate heart of the teachings and all that they offer to help you know peace and celebrate life. He will lead you into practices and practical teachings dedicated to ensuring that the benefits of your time at Blue Spirit will continue to unfold.

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Teacher Bio

Rod Stryker is an author, teacher and speaker. A world-renowned meditation teacher and yoga educator, he is the founder of ParaYoga, the author of two books, including: The Four Desires and the soon-to-be-released Enlightened Sleep. He developed one of the most comprehensive online yoga programs in the world as well as the meditation app, Sanctuary.
Rod has spent nearly 40 years sharing his study, knowledge and experience. He has mentored hundreds of teachers and thousands of students worldwide. Rod is known for his ability to translate ancient wisdom and to make life-changing practices accessible for modern audiences. He is father to four amazing souls and currently lives in Idaho.

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