March 6 - 13, 2021

Sarah Oleson

Renew Your Bliss Yoga and Wellness Retreat

OPEN YOUR HEART to inspiring daily yoga practices, relax on the beach, enjoy local organic food, take a waterfall hike through the jungle, or surf some of the best waves in Costa Rica,! This retreat will uplift your spirit, and give you the balance and freedom you deserve. This retreat is open to all levels of yoga practitioners. Breathe, flow, and create space FOR YOU.

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Teacher Bio

Sarah Oleson is an International yoga retreat leader and inspired wanderluster…she is deeply passionate about creating transformational and heart opening experiences for students both on and off of the yoga mat.
Traveling and teaching yoga all over the world has allowed Sarah to be constantly connected to nature and the elements, which she gracefully threads into her classes. Her playful, energizing personality challenges the body while still relaxing the mind. Sarah encourages growth and interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual realms within her students, and incorporates accessible levels and modifications for each individual. Sarah has countless hours certifications and continues to learn and grow, always remaining a student. She continues to give back in gratitude, and is on the board for Lucy’s Love Bus, an organization that delivers comfort to children and families with life threatening illness. She has continued to host karma projects with each destination that she travels to, including a “seeds of life” project in Mexico where her retreat guests built a garden in village school.
Sarah has created her own virtual program on namastream and her website can be found here:

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