February 24 - March 2, 2024

Tania Savolle

Love is the Frequency of Magic

Do you feel like you could use a little more serenity and peace in your life? Does your cup need to be replenished and nourished?
It’s easy to get disconnected from your true nature when there are so many demands and responsibilities that keep you stuck in your mental mind. Serenity & ease are fuzzy feelings that gently beg you to return to its embrace. During our week together, my intention is for to fill your cup and breathe conscious, divine breaths of love & serenity back into your heart.

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Teacher Bio

Tania’s interest in the yogic lifestyle began in her late teens, when metaphysics, spirituality, and becoming a seeker of truth was inherent in her quest and evolution to discover herself. As she grew into a more spiritual sense of Self, her love and connection to her yoga mat and the physicality of the practice did as well.

Her desire to learn more about the history, philosophy, and science of yoga is what prompted Tania’s decision to take her first 200 hour Teacher Training. Although this was just a way to deepen her own understanding of this ancient practice, it was also the passage that led her to make the decision that it was time to share her love and passion with the world, and she did. She landed a spot on the beach in Naples, FL, and has been running a beach yoga business for the past 9 years with a dedicated following. Since her first certification in 2015, she went through a second 200-hour Baron Baptiste training the following year to gain an even deeper knowledge of the practice, but her real love for teaching is on the quieter, more gentle side of yoga.

Tania fell in love with Yin Yoga and in 2016 took her first 100 Yin Yoga Training Certification. She is known by many in her yoga community as the “Queen of Yin”. Her love of Yin and meditation and the quieter side of yoga have led Tania down the path of Yoga Nidra, where she decided to pursue a deeper knowledge of this ancient method of meditation. She is certified through the Integrative Amrit Institute of Yoga Nidra with 100 contact hours of completion. Tania is a Reiki Master and has been practicing Reiki since the early 2000’s. Many students of Tania have shared with her that just being in her presence is healing, and many have also experienced an immediate change in their energy once in her company.

Tania has been a student of Barre class for over 10 years and decided she loves Barre class so much that she became a certified Barre instructor and teaches Barre at a private “residence only” club in Naples, Fl., where she works her students hard and helps them to get lean and toned while having so much fun. Tania is passionate about her health and lives a very natural and healthy lifestyle. Tania believes “Food is Thy Medicine,” and her approach to nutrition is that the closer to Mother Earth and nature, the better. She is currently enrolled in a course at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, and once she graduates, she will be a Certified Health Coach, sharing her love of health and healing with those who could benefit.

Tania’s intention as a yoga teacher is to bring her students back home into their bodies, conscious of breath and in alignment with the power that resides within. By consciously using the breath, Tania helps her students invite Prana and Presence into their space, and she strives to assist in expanding their awareness and opening their hearts to themselves and to their yoga practice. When you leave Tania’s class, whether a Yin Practice, Gentle Movement Practice, Flow, Meditation, or Yoga Nidra, you will feel lighter, more connected to yourself, and notice the noise in your mind reduced. Tania will help you quiet your mind and tap into your inner peace so that you can discover the magic, power, and radiance that lives inside.

Tania resides in Naples, FL, during the winter months with her 2 Boys (19, 21) Mom, Sister, and Niece and spends the summer in Bozeman, Montana, with her Partner.

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