August 20 - 27, 2022

Zarelly Luna and Michelle DeCosta

Revive Women's Wellness Retreat

Join Michelle and Zarelly for an empowering experience that will ignite your feminine energy and passion through this wellness experience.
Come and let’s remember together how is it to be fully present in our body, desire healthy food and move in more gentle ways.
This retreat is about saying “YES” to your health, wellbeing, joy and pleasure.

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Teacher Bio

Zarelly Luna
Costa Rican soulwork, passionate about healing arts and ways of authentic connection.
Aquatic Physical Therapy, Womb Healing, Women’s Circles, Cacao Ceremonies and Hatha Yoga; have become some of her practices to expand and gain experience to hold space.
Teaching Yoga since 2016, based in Costa Rica, and grounded by global connections to students all over the world. Guest Yoga teacher in Costa Rica at Anamaya Retreat, Pura Vida Spa Resort, Origins Lodge, Manzu Papagayo, Esferas Espacio Holistico. Aquatic bodywork workshops in Costa Rica, Mexico and Italy.
Zarelly is constantly sharing and holding space, inviting you into transformational experiences and self care practices. Allow your soul to embrace unexplored roads and be present with your true nature.
“My goal, co-create transformational experiences held by pure alchemy between science, ceremonial wisdom, asana practice and meditation”
— Zare

Michelle DeCosta
Michelle has been a long time advocate for natural health and wellness. The more she realized, that mainstream medicine wasn’t going to provide her with the tools she needed to live her Best Life, she turned to Complementary Natural Medicine.
She is a certified Integrative Health Nutrition Counselor, an Avid Tonic Herbalist and Tai Chi & Qi Gong Practitioner. Currently, Michelle runs one of the top sort after Complementary Medicine Clinics in Bermuda along side her life partner, world renowned Dr. Sifu Reginald Cann. They both spend their time helping others with Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Manual Therapy and Nutritional Counseling.
Her passion is to empower and educate women with simple but effective tools to thrive in their busy modern day lives.

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