Jack Saul, PhD

Jack Saul, PhD will teach during the Wisdom and Wellbeing Multi-Faculty Week 3 – Transformation, Resilience and Relational Intelligence – January 25 – February 1, 2025 about the following topic:

Moral Distress, Resilience & Repair

Due to actions committed in our name that violate deeply held moral values, many of us today experience what is called moral distress. Jack Saul, the author of Collective Trauma, Collective Healing, and director of the International Trauma Studies Program, asks, “How do we mobilize our individual and collective resilience to mitigate that distress and promote moral repair?” Explore and find creative ways of addressing current moral challenges in your life and in the world.

More about Jack Saul

Jack Saul, PhD, author of Collective Trauma, Collective Healing: Promoting Community Resilience in the Aftermath of Disaster, is director of the International Trauma Studies Program. As a psychologist and artist, he has created numerous psychosocial programs for people facing adversity in the United States and abroad, He is known for his innovative work with individuals and communities that integrates narrative, healing, and the expressive arts.