Nosara Longevity Center

Upgrade your retreat with state-of-the-arts-treatments at the Nosara Longevity Center– developed by Blue Spirit founder Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD.

The Center offers a variety of health protocols and treatments for you to restore and maintain your state of optimal wellbeing and enhanced vitality as you slow the aging process and grow younger.

Modern daily stresses – emotional, physical and environmental – take their toll – regular treatments to counteract this through detoxification, oxygenation, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory protocols will create greater energy, enhanced stress resistance and vitality.

Treatment Examples

Enhance your wellbeing with state-of-the-art treatments

  • Bio-Energy and/or Epigenetic Testing to Measure Your True Biological Age
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification Testing and Treatment
  • Vasper Training and Cell Gym (Breathing) Treatments
  • Ozone Therapies, Ozone Sauna IV Vitamin and Antioxidant Treatments

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