November 11 - 18, 2023

Darcy Hagerman, Jessica Lemon, Amanda Montgomery

Be Strong. Be Peaceful. Be Free

Spend a week reconnecting to the truth of who you are. Enjoy strong and accessible yoga classes, a peaceful natural setting with stunning views, and delicious food all in support of a vital body, heart, and mind. Darcy, Jess, and Amanda are committed to creating an experience that will recharge, restore and reinvigorate on every level.

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Teacher Bio

Darcy, Jess, and Amanda, have over 2 decades of experience teaching and exploring yoga and mindfulness practices. Drawing on over 5000 hours of training in multiple disciplines of asana, meditation, and therapeutic healing modalities, we weave together a unique blend of traditional and contemporary movement and meditation philosophies. Our core beliefs in accessibility, personal empowerment, and community support are the foundations of this yoga retreat

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