Annette Knopp

Annette Knopp is a mystic, meditation teacher, somatic counselor and shamanic practitioner. Drawing from a rich blend of Eastern contemplative traditions, ancient earth-based practices, modern Western interpersonal neurobiology and trauma-sensitive mindfulness, she shares an integrative path to spiritual awakening and living in embodied connection.


During the Wisdom and Wellbeing Weeks 2024 Annette will be teaching an Intensive Week and several workshops during the Multi Faculty Weeks and the Longevity Week Special happening January 20-27, 2024.

Intensive Week

Together with David Ellzey Annette will teach an Intensive Week happening March 9 – 16, 2024:

Living In The Open Flow Of Life

What if you could uncover a natural ease, love, and wakefulness that empowers you to live deeply grounded in who you essentially are? Commonly we suffer because we don’t trust that who we are is already enough. Neuroscience says our brain often misinterprets adversity or trauma as meaning that “we” are at fault, inadequate, or unlovable. In this week you will learn contemporary tools and ancient ways to gently untangle this mistaken self-perception and restore a profound wholeness and connection with all of life.

More information and registration here.

Multi Faculty Workshops

During the Multi Faculty Weeks 4 and 5 and the Longevity Week Special Annette will teach about:

Finding True Connection

As modern human beings we are endowed with a meaning-making brain that easily mis-interprets painful experiences or traumatizing events as something indicative about who we fundamentally are: inadequate and separate from love.

Whether our “favorite” personal version of that notion translates itself into “not being enough”, “being unlovable”, “being too much”, or “being better than others” – this innocent misunderstanding and coping strategy tends to create needless suffering in our own and others’ life. Believing ourselves to be essentially separate and inadequate, drives us to continuously look outside of ourselves for something or someone to make us acceptable and whole. It’s an endless, and ultimately hopeless chase, for ‘more’, ‘better’, or ‘different’ than what is here, right now.

In her offerings, Annette draws as much from the ancient wisdom of Indo-Tibetan meditation, nature-based practices of the Andes as well as modern Western parts-work therapy and interpersonal neurobiology to see through and gradually undo the painful mirage of the ‘separate me’. The aim is to feel at home: to recognize our fundamental okay-ness and find belonging in our essential being and existence in the midst of our everyday life.

More About Annette

With over 30 years of exploration, Annette is a seasoned guide in the realm of consciousness. As a meditation teacher, nature mystic, somatic counselor, and co-founder of the Blue Spirit retreat center, she supports clients in their unique journeys of awakening and transformation. Favoring an integral approach to spiritual awakening, she draws from a rich background in Indo-Tibetan meditation, nature based wisdom practices, and modern Western psycho-spiritual integration (inner parts-work, interpersonal neurobiology, sacred theatre).She is a mesa carrier in a nature priest lineage from the Peruvian Andes, an ordained wisdom keeper, and certified DARe practitioner (somatic approach to repair relational trauma).