David Whyte

David Whyte is an internationally renowned poet and author, and a scintillating and moving speaker. Behind these talents lies a very physical attempt to give voice to the wellsprings of human identity, human striving and, most difficult of all, the possibilities for human happiness.

David Whyte will be teaching during the Wisdom and Wellbeing Weeks 2023 about the following topic:

A Timeless Way: The Art and Practice of Creating a More Beautiful Mind

The world exists independent of human thought, but it is seen through the lenses of the mind, and how much stress or unhappiness we undergo can depend on the qualities of perception that we cultivate. One of the most important qualities is to develop an imagination that relies less on engaging the will to think up new things and more on approaching the world with a rested, alert intelligence – one with the courage to simplify, to act and above all, to have a life worth living at the centre of our endeavors.