Patti Elledge

Patti Elledge, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Mentor, Early Attachment Specialist

Patti Elledge will teach during the Wisdom and Wellbeing Weeks 2024 in Week 5, February 10 – 17, 2024 at Blue Spirit about the following topic:

The Relational Salon: Healing Together

Relating, connecting and sense of belonging in safety is a biological imperative for mammals, but the past 3 years have negatively impacted our minds, bodies and nervous systems. People now report that they feel less able to connect with others, experience social awkwardness and avoid gatherings, most likely related to the impact of continually “scanning for threat” during the pandemic – and from an increasingly divided world. Loneliness and a sense of isolation are considered major mental health concerns but it’s important to remember that we are hard-wired for connecting, affiliating, collaborating and bonding- and that there is plasticity in the nervous system.

The Relational Salon is a creative, trauma informed approach for practicing deeper, richer connections through Somatic Awareness. Dyad and Triad break- outs will provide contact nourishment, ie to be seen, heard and felt by another. Emphasis will be on Listening with Presence, Tracking our Felt Sense, Leaning In Towards The Space Between and Reciprocal sharing. By slowing down and becoming aware of the relational field, we can enter a deeply potent experience that is both healing and enlivening. These practices require moving towards vulnerability, but they will also have the marvelous capacity to crush that sense of isolation and loneliness so pervasive these days.

Patti will begin the sessions with trauma informed teachings, including how we are hard-wired to both Survive and to Connect/Bond. Focus will incorporate Attachment Theory to understand our own patterning, and what helps us to move out of this conditioning towards Safe, Secure Relating and Embodied Presence. By practicing felt sense tracking and awareness, our whole selves can arrive with more safety and engaged embodiment.

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More about Patti Elledge

Patti Elledge is a trauma healing specialist with extensive clinical background working with children, families and adults. Her practice focuses on treating the impact of early attachment wounds and relational ruptures using somatic interventions within a framework of applied neuroscience. She was faculty for Diane Poole Heller’s DARe attachment trainings and now offers consultations and mentoring to therapists wanting to understand how to engage the body and work dynamically with hard-wired survival energies vs those of attachment, loving and bonding. Patti’s present growing edge of interest involves facilitating group and dyadic practices that re-awaken connectivity, provide co- regulation and embodied presence.