Patti Elledge

Patti Elledge will teach during the Wisdom and Wellbeing Weeks 2023 from February 4 -11, 2023 at Blue Spirit about the following topics:

The Alchemy of Healing Attachment Wounds: Somatic Practices and Experiential Exercises for Shifting Intrinsic Energies of the Body toward Presence, Connection and Aliveness

Each of Patti’s sessions will build upon one another to deepen the understanding of how early trauma is stored in the body and how that may create a core belief system about ourselves and others, via attachment styles. While our hardwiring for connection and love mobilizes a desire to bond and belong, our earliest lived experiences may be of neglect, dismissive parenting, harm and maltreatment, or mis-attunement and intrusion – all of which can leave lasting imprints of Insecure Attachment, ie Avoidant, Anxious Ambivalent and/or Disorganized relational patterns. These insecure adaptations show up in the neurobiology as a particular blending of Ventral/Attachment wiring over-coupled with survival energies of Fight/Flight and Freeze. By applying somatic, body-based strategies we can explore uncoupling these to give room for more aliveness, presence and capacity for real connection.

Sessions will include lectures on innovative bottom-up strategies as well as experiential and/or dyadic practices. Come away with increased body awareness, information about polyvagal state changes, strategies to support uncoupling of patterns held in the body, what your own attachment pattern may need and a deeper lived experience of the potential for collective healing.

More about Patti Elledge

Patti Elledge is a trauma healing specialist trained in Somatic Experiencing with extensive clinical background working with children, families and adults. Her practice focuses on treating everyday traumas as well as the impact of early attachment wounds. She was a senior faculty for Diane Poole Heller’s somatic attachment DARe trainings and now offers consultations and online Somatic Mentoring training to therapists wanting to know more about ways to engage the body while understanding the neurophysiology of survival energies vs attachment, safety and bonding. Patti’s teachings have been deeply impacted by witnessing thousands of individuals’ healing journeys via application of somatic strategies and engaged, compassionate presence that, when combined, can make lasting changes.


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“Fuse the powers of the sacred heart with the energies of the body, and you can transform everything.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin