July 2 - 9, 2022

Jessica Lowenstein

Coming Home to the Body

“Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows.” – Henry David Thoreau

To be whole is to be in conscious contact with our whole being and to live within our body. Our bodies are the wise wisdom keepers, healers and vehicles for personal and spiritual growth and transformation. Join me for this deeply restorative and experiential retreat, as we release subtle holding patterns and reconnect with ourselves, our bodies and the greater Whole. Come enjoy pristine nature, delicious organic food and a rich blend of somatic practices to enliven body, heart and mind.

Teacher Bio

Jessica is a mystic, dreamer and healer who guides people from all over the world in their personal awakening journeys. She draws from thirty years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher, as well as her unique work an intuitive dreamer and shamanic journeyer, to bring forth a grounded, soulful and integrative approach to spiritual practice and awakening. Jessica is also an award-winning writer and poet.

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