May 11 - 18, 2024

Jovinna Chan

Rooted in Essence: Embodying Nature at Blue Spirit

Time to heed the call to slow down, unwind, unplug, dive into your personal practice and reconnect with your essence. Join Jovinna to experience and align with the rhythm of Nature.
This retreat is an invitation to come together to celebrate our strength and resilience and open ourselves to the wisdom of our hearts. Through an alchemical combination of contemplation, conversation, pranayama, yoga, meditation, and conscious movement, we reconnect our bodies and minds.

Teacher Bio

Like you, I am a sincere seeker who desires to know the truth of who I am and to experience spiritual union with the Divine. At the same time, I cherish every experience that makes me human. I am a devotee on the path of Self Realization, rooted in the matrix of personal spiritual practice, self-study, contemplation, and writing.
My work is awakening curiosity and intuition in practitioners, making spiritual teachings accessible and digestible for householders, contributing insights as a female practitioner, and modeling devotion to practice so as to empower others, especially women, to do the same.

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