October 21 - 28, 2023

Mei Jin Lu

The Taoist Longevity Retreat

Taoist Longevity Methods – Mind, Body, Soul with Nature

Learn the secrets of Taoist longevity and embark on a profound spiritual awakening that will positively transform your life. Experience the revitalization of your Qi-force and witness its renewing power as you release the burdens that hinder your pursuit of happiness. This is your personal journey towards optimal health, rejuvenation, and inner peace.

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Program Highlights

1. Daily Movement Qigong and Bodywork – Immerse yourself and attune your body and mind to the natural flowing movements of ‘Five Animal Folic’ qigong. Experience the rejuvenating effects as you stretch and invigorate your joints and tendons. Elevate your soul through the enchantment of ‘Heaven Earth and Man’ qigong, tapping into nature’s magic. Restore your optimal health and revive your vitality.
2. Daily Still Qigong and Breathwork – Unlock the power within as you embark on the Taoist practices of ‘Standing Qigong’ and ‘Neigong’ classes. Explore the profound stillness and activate your meridians, cultivating the Qi flow in your body. Discover the hidden reservoirs of your vital energy, releasing a deep wellspring of life force.
3. Nourish Your Body with Centenarian Insight – Delve into the art of “food as healing, food as medicine” and savor the knowledge and experience from the centenarian blue zone in Nosara, Costa Rica. Indulge in three daily organic meals, expertly crafted by local chefs using locally grown organic ingredients, accompanied by organic tea and the exquisite flavor of high mountain Costa Rican coffee.
4. Release and Let Go – Take part in a transformative Taoist ceremonial release ritual, shedding the weight of negative energies and unhealthy influences. Liberate yourself from stress, fear, anxiety, doubts, and the burdens of any physical pains and discomforts.
5. Healing with Nature – Connect with the divine spirits of flowers, plants, mountains, animals, and the ocean. Witness extraordinary spiritual healing as you resonate with the pure essence of the natural world.
6. Soul Journey Daily Meditations – Uncover the depths of your authentic self as you reflect and engage in enlightening dialogue within. Participate in a variety of specialized meditation practices, including: guided meditation, silent meditation, and Taoist Small Orbit meditation.
7. Seek Ancient Wisdom – Unveil the secrets of the universe during the captivating ‘Ask the Oracle’ experience. Engage in ancient I Ching divination to gain invaluable insights and receive guidance tailored to your deepest and most critical questions at this pivotal juncture of your life.
8. Heighten Your Senses and Expand Your Intuition – Awaken your innate intuitive powers in an intensive workshop designed to sharpen your senses and help you reach your higher-self and the spiritual realm. Learn to unleash the special gateway to messages of guidance from your guides, including angels, spiritual teachers, loved ones, and power animal guides.

Teacher Bio

Mei Jin Lu, PhD, is an author, a Taoist philosophy teacher and a 25th generation descendant of the ancient Quan Zhen Tao Lineage. She lectures worldwide on various disciplines of Eastern philosophy including aspects of Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation and the psychology of the human unconscious.

She is the President of the US Health QiGong Association and the US Taoist Association, Rules and Regulation Committee of the International Qigong/Tai Chi Federation, and owner of “Qi” Wellness Center in NJ. She is a past executive director of the I Ching Society in Beijing, the founder of the School of Eastern Philosophy in the US.

Both Dr. Mei Jin Lu’s bachelor and master degrees are in Computer Science and Information Technology. She was an adjunct professor teaching computer science for a decade. This unique blend of analytical skills along with her philosophy studies helps her achieve a balance between Science and Metaphysics.

Mei Jin teaches the wisdom of Taoism, concentrating on the total well-being of the body, mind and soul. She emphasizes aspects of the ancient sciences and practices that align with western approaches. Her profound knowledge and appreciation of both cultures allow her to present these eastern modalities to a western audience in a way they can understand and apply successfully. These include fundamental theories of Energy, Yin Yang, Five Elements, Ba Gua, Feng Shui, as well as some more advanced topics like I Ching, Taoist mediumship, Chinese Astrology, and Taoist anti-aging healing and Taoist longevity /TCM wellness methods.

Mei Jin is the creator of the Wisdom of Tao Oracle cards, which is an exclusive divination system that is unique and original. Taoism is generally considered esoteric and ancient. Its philosophy and wisdom are not easily accessible or well understood, especially by Westerners. Using her experience as a Taoist seeker, teacher, counselor, Mei Jin created this divination tool set, The Wisdom of Tao Oracle cards (US Games Systems), that people can use effectively to help themselves.
Volume I Awakenings (2013)
Volume II Strategy (2015)
Volume III I Ching – the Book of Change (2022)

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