March 16 - 23, 2024

Melisande Turpin

Retreat, Reset & Recalibrate

Nestled in the heart of a vibrant Blue Zone, this retreat is more than just a getaway; it’s a journey towards recalibrating ourselves back to our natural state of being. Retreat, Reset & Recalibrate is designed to offer you space and time away from the hustle of daily life. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, learn valuable wellness practices, and return home not just refreshed, but transformed.
The daily yoga sessions are thoughtfully designed for all skill levels, featuring a 30-minute morning meditation to center and ground you, a 90-minute morning practice to invigorate and strengthen, and a 90-minute afternoon practice to integrate and restore, ensuring a balanced experience each day.

Melisande is thrilled to be returning to one of the most special retreat centers she has ever experienced, and taking a small group of yogis with her for this life-changing adventure. The group will be small and intimate so we can dive deep into this transformative journey together!

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Teacher's Bio

Melisande has been a devoted practitioner of yoga for more than half her life, having been introduced to its power and benefits from a very young age within her family. Despite the sporadic nature of her practice in her teenage years, she always felt a profound calling each time she stepped onto the mat. She travelled to India at the age of 23, a decision that marked the beginning of an enduring and passionate teaching career. Since then, she has been a relentless student and teacher of yoga, dedicating her life to learning, sharing, and evolving within this practice.

With over 1000 training hours and nearly a decade of teaching full time, she holds an E-RYT 500 certification and is a recognized YACEP through Yoga Alliance, continuing her education with internationally acclaimed instructors annually. Her experience as the owner of Karma Shala Yoga, a yoga studio in Mont-Tremblant, refined her teaching methodologies and allowed her to foster a vibrant community of individuals united in their belief in yoga’s transformative power. She has blended the tradition of yoga with modern-day movement science, creating a practice that is accessible and functional to all.

Through her deep commitment to yoga, Melisande has discovered that by practicing yoga and tuning into our soul’s longing, anyone can live a life filled with purpose and meaning. She is passionate about leading retreats because they offer a profound opportunity for individuals to delve into the healing and transformative power of yoga. These retreats are designed to facilitate a space where each participant can explore their own path, uncovering the potential to live a life aligned with their deepest intentions and aspirations.

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