October 22 - 29, 2022

Sharon Feanny

Shakti Activation 7-Day Retreat: Costa Rica

This retreat will be seven life-changing days of twice daily yoga and meditation; delicious, clean, high vitality meals; wonderful spa treatments; long hikes; body scrubs on the beach; AND plenty of of time in between to do nothing but immerse in nature and soak in the sea. You’ll have a chance to be taken care of, and to breathe, relax, let go and allow your life to flow!

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Teacher Bio

Master yoga teacher and wellness warrior, Sharon Feanny, has spent over 30 years dedicated to spreading the gifts of well-living across her homeland of Jamaica and throughout the world.

A sought after wellness expert, each year Sharon hosts retreats, wellness programs, cooking workshops, detox programs and yoga classes.

Since the pandemic, she has been sharing yoga, fitness and wellness practices with a robust online community, with the goal of helping people manage the enormous stress of the time.

She is adamant that we can rise above these unprecedented circumstances better, stronger, healthier and happier than ever before.

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