February 18 - 25, 2023

Wisdom & Wellbeing at Blue Spirit- Intensive Week 6 Richard C. Schwartz

Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D.

During week 6 you will have an in-depth workshop with Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D.. Enjoy a rich schedule with classes during the day and head to the beach in your free time.

Trauma and Releasing Personal & Legacy Burdens IFS Model

The workshop will provide a brief review of the basics of the IFS model by Richard Schwartz, PhD, who developed the model, then will focus in detail on its use with attachment and trauma. IFS is a non-pathologizing, hopeful framework within which to practice psychotherapy now certified as an evidence-based practice by SAMHSA. IFS offers both a conceptual umbrella under which a variety of practices and different approaches can be grounded and guided, and a set of original techniques for creating safety and fostering Self-to-Self connection in individuals, couples and families.

The workshop will focus on helping clients release personal burdens related to traumatic experiences in their lives. An overview of the clinical applications of IFS in trauma work will be presented. You will learn through didactic teaching, interactive dialogue, demonstration and live interviews.

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As the workshops progress the focus will be on understanding and releasing legacy burdens. Legacy burdens are powerful organizers of our minds and behaviors. You will be become more aware of the beliefs and emotions we and our clients absorb from family, peers, ethnic groups and cultural contexts regarding ourselves and/or groups with whom we identify, as well as groups we consider “other.”  We will explore the sources of those burdens and the fears of releasing them. This work is critically important to create more peace and less divisiveness in our often fractured world.

New to this workshop, Dr. Schwartz will spend time focusing on how to support Self led activism. Dr. Schwartz will lay the foundation for and demonstrate how to work with personal and legacy burdens that get triggered in the context of political conflict and unrest. We will learn to work with what gets in the way of everyone’s innate abilities to be an effective advocate, ally and activist. This will support our work as clinicians and citizens.

Grounded in systems thinking, Dr. Schwartz developed Internal Family Systems SM, in response to clients’ descriptions of various parts within themselves.  He focused on the systemic relationships patterns among these parts that were similarly organized across clients.  He found that when clients’ parts felt safe and were allowed to relax, they would experience spontaneously the qualities of confidence, openness, and compassion that Dr. Schwartz came to call the Self.  He will show us how to support clients in that state of Self, to facilitate their healing of their own parts.

Learning Objectives
• Participants will be able to identify the basic theory and principles of Internal Family Systems therapy as they apply to working with trauma
• Participants will be able to identify how the Internal Family Systems Model understands the primary route to healing trauma
• Participants will be able to identify the 3 major roles that wounded parts play in the inner system
• Participants will be able to list the 8 qualities that define Self
• Participants will be able to describe the IFS model as an internal attachment model
• Participants will be able to explain parallels between external and internal attachment styles
• Participants will be able to identify the effects of trauma on parts and Self including having 2 ideas about how utilize the model in releasing personal trauma
• Participants will be able to describe legacy burdens
• Participants will be able use 2 methods to help them stay in Self when working with traumatized clients
• Participants will be able to compare the way IFS works with other trauma to models that rely on psychoeducation and skill building to begin trauma work.

Target Audience
This learning event is designed for helping professionals including, but not limited to, social workers, psychologists, mental health counselors, marriage & family therapists, and nurses. We design the learning methodology to further develop beginning, intermediate, and advanced helping professionals by supporting improvement of skills for direct practice, supervision, and management positions.


Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D. began his career as a family therapist and an academic at the University of Illinois at Chicago. There he discovered that family therapy alone did not achieve full symptom relief and in asking patients why, he learned that they were plagued by what they called “parts.” These patients became his teachers as they described how their parts formed networks of inner relationship that resembled the families he had been working with. He also found that as they focused on and, thereby, separated from their parts, they would shift into a state characterized by qualities like curiosity, calm, confidence and compassion. He called that inner essence the Self and was amazed to find it even in severely diagnosed and traumatized patients. From these explorations the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model was born in the early 1980s.

IFS is now evidence-based and has become a widely-used form of psychotherapy, particularly with trauma. It provides a non-pathologizing, optimistic, and empowering perspective and a practical and effective set of techniques for working with individuals, couples, families, and more recently, corporations and classrooms.

In 2013 Schwartz left the Chicago area and now lives in Brookline, MA where he is on the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

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