Soren Gordhamer

Soren Gordhamer is teaching during the Wisdom & Wellbeing Weeks at Blue Spirit in the Multi-Faculty Week 2, January 20 – 27, 2024 about the following topic:

Listening to Emergence: Living with Purpose in the Digital Age

Through talks, meditations, and interactive small groups, we will explore what it means to listen to “what wants to come through us” into the world. 

Each of our births was no accident. We each have an expression to offer in our lives. 

Our opportunity is both to live fully in the present moment, the only moment we have, and at the same time to also listen to what wants to come through us into the world, what our unique expression is at this particular time. 

As the world faces enormous challenges, from climate change to loneliness to technology addiction, we will explore, what does it mean to engage wisely and heartfully in the world, while connected to the innate wisdom in us? 

The world does not need more angry activists, nor does it need more spiritual seekers only interested in themselves. 

We will come together to listen, to connect, and to discover what is most true and real for each of us, and what expression our life wants to take right now … not what society tells us or our family tells us, but how our own inherent intelligence guides us. 

Learning to be in touch with our inner life and the formless aspect of life, and also the form of our life and our role in the world, is the true calling of our time. 

As such, we will explore not just what we want to do, but what the universe wants to do through us? What if the universe was guiding us as we make our way? 

We will practice ways to listen to and make room for a deeper intelligence in each of us.

About Soren Gordhamer

Soren has been engaging in areas of wisdom, compassion, and mindfulness for over 30 years, as an entrepreneur, author, and host and founder of Wisdom 2.0. Through Wisdom 2.0, Soren has created a global movement on conscious living in modern times, and along the way engaged and interviewed everyone from spiritual teachers such as Ram Dass and Eckhart Tolle, to tech leaders including the founders of OpenAI, Twitter, Facebook, eBay and others.

His focus is simple: the external technologies are advancing at lightning speed (There is little way we can stop that) The real question is, how can our internal technologies of mindfulness and wisdom advance as well?

He has taught mindfulness in a wide range of settings, from Google’s corporate headquarters, to youth in New York City prisons, to genocide survivors in Rwanda.