Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD

Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD will be teaching during the Wisdom and Wellbeing Weeks 2024 at Blue Spirit about the following topic:

Timeless Longevity

Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD, author of Timeshifting, is the creator and visionary of Blue Spirit Costa Rica in Nosara – and a founder of Omega Institute. He established the Nosara Longevity Center to provide for those coming to Blue Spirit the opportunity to experience optimal wellbeing and longer life – thru aligning with the surrounding natural world. Recognizing that many plants and creatures live far extended and healthier lives than humans – heeding these lessons can contribute to our own wellbeing and life balance. Through understanding what keeps us healthy, instead of simply waiting to treat disease – learning the lessons of nature and our ancestors, combined with new longevity scientific and medical studies – we can develop daily practices to maintain wellbeing and vitality far earlier. Thus becoming less likely to get caught in the chronic disease cycle of aging.

Stephan has been offering these same lessons to individuals as well as organization to grow and flourish into a healthy future. He has been teaching Manifest Your Vision for more than 20 years and regularly consults with centers, organizations, and businesses in this emerging field. For decades, he has been involved in developing communities that model sustainable and spiritual dimensions of living a more wholesome and authentic lifestyle. He has become a widely recognized holistic physician who lectures on health, wellbeing, nutrition, longevity, and time. It’s these interests have drawn him to living and working in the more healthy, mindful and slower-paced environment of Costa Rica, a country that honors and cares for its natural world.