August 14 - 21, 2021

Amy Woodall & Deseri Garcia

High Vibe Tribe Retreat

Connect with other like-minded, high-achieving women looking to unlock your fullest potential. Each day participants will partake in meditation, yoga, and deep inner work. Attendees will leave feeling refreshed, re-energized and reconnected to self. No need to have a meditation or yoga practice already established. All experience levels welcome.

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Teacher Bio

For more than 10 years, Amy has helped countless companies transform their people, profits and process. She has discovered that in order to achieve lasting change we must focus on the root cause; how we communicate with self. As a certified meditation teacher, Amy adds mindfulness and meditation into her corporate training practice. Along with helping people learn to cope with stress and increase connection to self, she has a passion for teaching others how to own their shit so they can live up to their fullest potential at work and in life. 

A passionate coach, facilitator and speaker with nearly 20 years in Corporate America, Deseri implements creative, experiential and personalized programs that challenge, motivate and transform clients. Whether it’s through a half-day workshop, one-on-one session, or an extended training designed to your business’ specific goals, Deseri will lead you and your team on an adventure of a lifetime. Uncovering individual potential – your truth – isn’t that what the journey is all about?

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