April 11 - 18, 2020

Tai Hubbert

Breathwork Immersion & Facilitator Training

You are invited to an experiential, therapeutic journey of discovering the power of the breath as one of your greatest allies in holistic wellbeing, awakened awareness, and transformational empowerment. This breathwork immersion is not only an opportunity to release nonproductive patterns and embody a more authentic, integrated, and fulfilling experience in your life, but serves as a foundational training to share this powerful modality with others.

Teacher Bio

As an experienced yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, and healing arts practitioner, Tai supports the process of releasing burdens of the past so one can be more fully available to the gifts of the present. With deep roots in Tantra, Zen Buddhism, Shamanism, and contemporary psychology, she draws on a wide toolkit to support awakened awareness, integrated growth, and freedom of body, mind, and spirit. More information about Tai’s approach and background is available @ www.swordandlotus.com.

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