May 18 - 25, 2024

Taita Juanito & Eli Rechtschaffen


The fundamental intention of our retreat is to support the awakening of consciousness on the earth. The ancestors that walked on this planet before us knew how to live in harmony with all of life. This ancestral memory still lives within each one of us and it is our time to awaken to this inner calling. We give thanks to the Great Spirit, Mother Nature and our Ancestors for this opportunity to remember a way of living in beauty.

On our retreats we weave together many different healing modalities creating a safe nest for you to take rest. In this container we can let go of old belief systems, emotional burdens and anything else that prevents us from living fully. In this week-long journey, we offer ancestral Ayahuasca ceremonies which are the main pillar of healing. Around these ceremonies we offer preparation and integration activities to bring balance and clarity.

As well there is time for non-doing, relaxation and space to embrace the healing energy of Costa Rica and Blue Spirit. Our center is located just a few minutes away from the Pacific Ocean and here you will find wonderful excursions, a longevity center, massages, healthy meals daily and much more. If you have been looking for a retreat to recharge your batteries and give you a fresh start in life then look no further. You will feel completely held by our highly experienced team and the safe container we create.

Teacher Bio

Taita Juan
Taita Juan Chindoy is a medicine-man, healer and botanist who was born in the Condagua indigenous reservation in the Putumayo department of Colombia. Taita was born in the Inga community, where he learned their traditional botanical remedies. Later he began his study of the traditional healing practices of plant medicines with the elders of the Siona tribe.

Taita Juan is a powerful, playful and open-hearted shaman who was recognized at a young age as a wisdom carrier of his tribes. Since then, he has dedicated his life to serving mankind and delivering the teachings of his ancestors in their purest form. His work is a journey in which one can return to their essence and see that all is spirit, God or pure energy. Taita shares many modalities of healing but the main pillar is through the sacred use of the yage plant medicine.

Eli is a dedicated student to the path of truth and to uncovering the true nature of the heart. He has found that the paths of meditation and shamanism have been the two most beneficial wings of support for his journey. Eli is a long-time practitioner of meditation where he has studied in many lineages and spent intensive time in silent retreats. He has also studied deeply the shamanic traditions, mainly with the Ingano tribe of Colombia. He has spent time in the Amazon jungle and for over a decade has been supporting the tribes to share their healing work.

Eli currently lives in Costa Rica where he offers week long shamanic retreats, healing sessions and teaches meditation. Originally from the US, he later moved to Canada where he received a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation. If there is any way that Eli can be of service to you, he would be happy to share.

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