May 25 - June 1, 2024

Tosha Silver & Kate Winch

Living Outrageous Openness

What does it mean to truly live a path of offering, surrender and authenticity? It’s sure not just passivity, spiritual bypassing or blandly saying yes to everything. It’s letting the inner radiant Self take the wheel while you still honor your human emotions and needs. We’ll explore how to do this in very practical ways.

Teacher's Bio

Tosha Silver
For the past 30 years, Tosha has taught people around the world practical ways to align with Inner Love. She is the author of Outrageous Openness, Change Me Prayers, and It’s Not Your Money. She lives in the Hudson Valley where she runs Living Outrageous Openness, an online forum that offers daily support to those who want to live these beautiful practices.

Kate Winch
Kate Winch is an EFT Expert, Intuitive and Dance teacher. For the last 18 years Kate’s extensive experience in EFT tapping has helped her clients release stress, uncover their true potential and live their best lives. Much of Kate’s work is about helping people to let go of being the general manager of the universe so that they can tap into the magic of surrender. Kate encourages them to embrace the beauty of surrender, as a way to tap into the divine flow of life. Through her guidance, clients discover the profound wisdom in allowing the universe to take the lead, leading to a life filled with grace and serendipity. She also teaches a dance inspired by Qoya as another wonderful way to connect with the Divine. Kate is originally from England and lives in San Francisco, she loves hiking with her dog Magic and swimming in the ocean.

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