– Join us for one to four weeks at reduced rates
– Be healthy and spend your winter at the beach
– Revitalize amidst the beauty of pristine nature
– Eat and enjoy our nutritious, delicious cuisine
– De-stress in our tranquil healing environment
– Work in paradise with enhanced fiber-optic Wifi
– Receive special rates for Longevity Center treatments

Feel secure in a Covid-conscious space

We are grateful to live in an environment surrounded by pristine nature and the possibility of experiencing wellbeing.
As everyone has been deeply impacted in one way or another by COVID, we recognize that many wish to stay in a beautiful COVID-conscious zone for a longer period of time at an affordable cost.

We have developed thorough safety-protocols for our guests and staff that you can see here.

This year I booked my trip not only for the usual ten day but for 31 days.
Blue Spirit is a place I return because they offer opportunity to educate, empower, entertain, and all me to evolve. The safety measures have been taken seriously by the entire team and owners of the property paused during the covid-19 outbreak and have gone above and beyond so that their guests could arrive and stay with comfort. The warm welcome was like coming home to family, the connection we have all missed this past year. I hope everyone who wants to experience true wealth of health and happiness during this time to step in and book your time at Blue Spirit.

Rosy Datt

Cuisine & Detox Cleanse Program

Our cuisine offers daily gourmet vegetarian and vegan meals, plus fresh local fish served 3x times during the week. Enrolling in our signature longevity program will enhance your health, longevity and vitality during your week at Blue Spirit and open the door to the possibility of a sustained healthier lifestyle.

Relax, Revitalize, Recharge

Stay in a healthy environment– amidst an oxygen-rich nature along a secluded Pacific beach.
Escape the confinement of winterly urban lockdown and take advantage of our tranquil healing environment, destress, and vitalize and soak in the surrounding nature.

Participate in the Blue Spirit Wisdom & Wellbeing Week

During your stay you can add our Wisdom & Wellbeing Program to your stay. We offer this program in July 31 – August 7, 2021 for $395. The Blue Spirit Longevity Week is a 7 day retreat that offers a deep immersion into regenerative practices to repair and revitalize your body and brain through a multi-faceted approach to self-care: optimal nutrition, detoxification, yoga, exercise, breath-work, meditation and state-of-the-art longevity treatments.

Your Program includes:
– Detox-Cleanse & Nutrition program
– Yoga & Mind-Body Practices
– Guided Meditations
– Breathwork
– Daily Check-Ins

Plus – Special Lectures & Learning Experiences:
– Longevity & Wellbeing – with Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD
– From Doing-Mind to Heart-Mind – with Annette Knopp
– Inner Purpose – with Julian Devoe
– Road to Conscious Nourishment – with Julian Devoe
– Longevity treatments discussions– with Adriana Galeano, MD


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