David Ellzey

In the field of awakening consciousness, David is a teacher, author, mentor, and transformational performer.

Focusing on the transcendent and human experience as one sacred reality, David has inspired awakening to this truth from United Nations leadership trainings to private coaching worldwide. Combining tools of letting go, sacred breath, silence, and deep inquiry, and as a global instructor of The Sedona Method, his work continually reminds him of the preciousness of this very moment.

He is a contributor to various consciousness journals and is author of the book, The Ocean of Now. https://davidellzey.com/

Intensive Week

David will be teaching during the Wisdom and Wellbeing Weeks 2024 together with Annette Knopp happening March 9 – 16, 2024:

Living In The Open Flow Of Life

What if you could uncover a natural ease, love, and wakefulness that empowers you to live deeply grounded in who you essentially are? Commonly we suffer because we don’t trust that who we are is already enough. Neuroscience says our brain often misinterprets adversity or trauma as meaning that “we” are at fault, inadequate, or unlovable. In this week you will learn contemporary tools and ancient ways to gently untangle this mistaken self-perception and restore a profound wholeness and connection with all of life.

More information and registration here.